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The Provincial Government of Bokone Bophirima has identified Agriculture Culture and Tourism as the anchor of economic growth strategy and has adopted Radical Socio-Economic transformative and developmental concretes aimed at addressing the triple challenges of poverty, unemployment and inequality within Bokone Bophirima Province.

This economic strategy is aimed at bringing a paradigm shift in the balance and composition of the provincial economy and accelerates economic growth by improved market linkages, support (including training, education and extension services); and access to finance for small-scale entrepreneurs; developing the tourism industry to unlock the potential of the arts and culture industries in the rural communities; and Enhance and promote the tourism offerings.

Culture: Priority Offerings

Our culture is our heritage and our treasure. Culture infuses the three pillars and consolidates them to be one strong strategy for economic growth. Culture has the ability to turn raw material inputs such as leather and textiles which are agricultural products and in plentiful supply across Bokone Bophirima, into products appealing to the tourism market. Resultantly, Rumba in the Jungle gives expression to the following:

  • The Strategy to position Bokone Bophirima as South Africa’s cultural heritage and to build sustainable creative industries economy that generates value for its participants and job opportunities;
  • Establish entrepreneurs and strengthen the existing ones in every village, township and small dorpies, for the purpose of Performing arts, craft and visual arts;
  • Maximise the use of existing venues, institutions and infrastructure such as Sun City, Bokone Bophirima Craft and Design Institute, Mmabana, SABC-North West and Rhino Recording Studio;

Tourism: Priority Projects and Milestones

“A Re Yeng Bokone Bophirima”, complemented by Rumba in the Jungle “Open to the World” will remain the provincial slogans to advertise Bokone Bophirima around the globe as a destination of choice, to showcase our rich culture, beautiful sceneries, rich history from our villages and townships and the mountains and valleys. The Provincial tourism strategy shall be anchored amongst others on the following policy issues; ability to compete in the global tourist market, development of new tourism enterprises, growth and expansion of existing enterprises, job creation and provision of efficient government service. In support to the tourism strategy, Rumba in the Jungle makes provision for the following:

  • Establishment of Rumba in the Jungle Trade Exhibition;
  • Strategy to position North West from position 7th to 4th as a tourists destination of choice;
  • Increase GDP contribution from 4 per cent to 6 per cent by 2020;
  • Increase international arrivals from 606 000 to 1.2 million by 2020;

Trade Exhibition: Priority Importance

The Trade Exhibition has both a national and international importance for the cultural and tourism sector. Many international exhibitors are promoting and representing their country to attract more domestic and international visitors.

Trade Exhibition: Priority Fact

The Trade Exhibition is both accessible for professionals in the travel sector as well for general visitors. During the festival visitors are able to enter the Trade Exhibition area with promise of finding goods and merchandise suitable for their memorabilia collections, ranging from dance attires to jewelry, crafts, accessories, shoes, music, etc.

Rumba in the Jungle International Trade Exhibition will take place in the lower pavilion of Sun City with a total number of 40 stalls. The number of visitors in the Trade Exhibition will certainly grow higher, taking queue from the previous years’ attractions and sales.


Rumba in the Jungle Trade Exhibition is a great opportunity for all emerging entrepreneurs, travel agencies, hotels and other tourism related business activities to promote their business in South Africa, and here in particular the province of Bokone Bophirima.