Events Committee

Rumba in the Jungle

Event Management Committee


Event Management Committee


Committed, skilled and representative Event Management Committee to provide programme oversight across all the sub-streams / tranches of the programme.


  • Rumba in the Jungle Board of Trustees (7-9 Members) that is involved in the strategic planning and development of the international Festival. This includes strategic reviews of the major components of our annual program such as the event, artistic development and legacy programmes on a regular basis. Compliance with all legal, regulatory and contractual requirements.  Networking with stakeholders, government departments, organisations and relevant dance and creative bodies
  • Enriching relationships with funders, sponsors and the general public
  • Ensuring that the programme realises the envisioned value proposition
  • Policy Development


  • Programme Manager, responsible for the overall programme management, resource provisioning and accounting to achieve the programme outcomes. The Programme Manager will resolve sequencing and drive prioritisation of issues.
  • Event Management Committee will be supported by  Sub-Committees who will be representative of the stakeholders and community and has a clear understanding of its roles and responsibilities
  • Ambassadors of Rumba in the Jungle will be identified and agreed to, annually, to represent Rumba in the Jungle at World stages and platforms
  • South Africa’s demographics will form part of the operational structure, with each province having its direct point of contact for information sharing and liaison with the central event management committee.

Rumba in the Jungle Properties

  • Dance
  • Exhibition Stalls
  • Development
  • Safari (Game Drive)
  • Television Rights


  • Define the roles and responsibilities of Sub- Committee members
  • Provide information/access to relevant training courses, conferences and workshops
  • Headhunt community members with specific skills for involvement in the Sub-Committees
  • Conduct an annual review of the organisation’s performance against the business plan and re-evaluate Festival vision every three years

Key Performance Indicators

  • The progress of the project coordinators will be measured against programme targets/KPIs and goals. They will be required to submit monthly reports to the strategic immediate supervisor or the Events Management Committee.
  • Development of induction packs for new Committee Members
  • Attendance by 2 committee members to appropriate training courses each year

The work undertaken includes:

  • Implementation of activities, events and programmes
  • Development of new milestone of the projects
  • Marketing of the Festival and its projects
  • Professional development advice and support for creative practitioners


The administrative duties will be performed by the Administrator and support staff. The work undertaken includes:

  • Coordination
  • Administration duties
  • Maintenance of office duties and financial systems
  • Compilation of portfolio of evidence for reporting