About Rumba in The Jungle

Rumba in the Jungle is the biggest dance festival ever held in Africa, staged in Sun City Resort in the Bokone Bophirima Province. During its prime time era of between 1994 and 1996, dance was also classified as the third most popular leisure and life-style activity after Soccer and Rugby. ALSO, in the same era, the province of Bokone Bophirima was rated fourth (4th), from the nine provinces (9), as the preferred tourists’ destination.

Rumba in the Jungle will continue from where it left, attracting 3000 competitors from all over South Africa including our neighbouring states – Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zimbabwe. In addition, the festival will attract international participants from the Europe, America and Asia. This number excludes audiences as in families, friends, fans and the general public. The festival is “Open to the World” and for the eleven (11) years since its hosting, has had an international contingent.

Rumba in the Jungle incorporates the full spectrum of dance, such as Ballroom, Latin American, African Traditional Dances, and is open to all dancers from novice to professional levels. Also, it encompass all age groups from juvenile (Under 6 Years) to Senior (Over 34) and it also has a special section for the physically disabled.

The festival involves an internationally qualified panel of judges. There are six international and six local judges on the panel. The adjudicators are chosen across the globe and from countries such as Austria, America, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Holland, Italy, Japan, Finland, including South Africa. The visiting overseas panellists are also contracted to give lectures and workshops. These lectures are offered at no charge, to all those competing in Rumba in the Jungle and forms part of the “edutainment” programme.

In addition, Rumba in the Jungle features professional performances and demonstration by the renowned people in the Cultural and Creative Industries, Music, Dance, Writers, etc., including internationals. For example, the top two couples from 52 countries on the World Dance Council ranking are been invited to participate in this spectacular event.

Although the main and core content of the festival is dance, the festival also offers a full hospitality and commercial packages, which include the following:

  • Enterprise Development,
  • Outreach Programme
  • Television Rights
  • Lifestyle Promotions
  • Safari (Game Drive)
  • Travel

On 19-21 October 2018, Bokone Bophirima will herald the beginning of another new dawn – the re-birth of a mega dance event, unlike anything the continent has ever witnessed before. A truly global dance event – Rumba in the Jungle will present a tapestry of cultures of different dance styles and send a meaningful message of love and harmony to the rest of the world.  Rumba in the Jungle will give everyone a sense of community – it is a reward for those who come here to dance, to participate and to watch.  And of course, it is a very effective symbol of the multi-cultural diversity that Bokone Bophirima offers all residents and visitors to the province and the country.

Befitting this stature, it is only appropriate that the slogan for Rumba in the Jungle is