Presentation Information

Welcome to  Rumba in the Jungle,

Sun City

19-21 October 2018

The South African Dance Foundation in conjunction with Sun International are looking forward to hosting the 2018 Rumba in the Jungle at the exquisitely revamped Sun City.


  1. Bed & Breakfast accommodation packages are available for Rumba in the Jungle 2018 guests which takes place at Sun City.
    • Soho Hotel : Booking Reference code: RITJ1801PB
    • Cabanas : Booking Reference code: RITJ1802PB
    • Cascades : Booking Reference code: RITJ1803PB
  2. The organizers and the hotel are not responsible for allocating competitors to rooms. This is the responsibility of the individuals involved.
  3. There are gambling facilities at Sun City. Gambling for persons 18 years and over. Sun City supports the National Responsible Gambling Program.
  4. There are ATM facilities located all around the Sun City complex.
  5. For all information relating to this event and dance related entries, email Marion Baxter on
  6. Computicket sales open on Monday, 3 April 2018. Spectators will be able to purchase entrance tickets to Rumba in the Jungle all style festival from any Computicket outlet.
  1. Spectator‘s tickets can be purchased from any Computicket as well as from the Computicket within Sun City.
    • Cost: R150 per person. This is for a full day irrespective of arrival times.
    • Seasonal Tickets are also available at R400 per person for the duration of the festival irrespective of arrival day/s.
    • Dancing is in two venues: Sun Arena and Warriors Hall with unreserved seating. Sun City Security will manage this process.
  1. Gala Dinner will be hosted immediately after the Saturday’s Gala Evening Session. The cost of ticket per person for the Gala Dinner is R1, 000.00, which include the sumptuous dinner and entertainment and can also be purchased at Computicket outlets. Kindly note; the tables are marked and you are welcome to select the table of your choice.
  2. One commemorative T-Shirt is included in the dancer’s entry fee for all Competitive and Social/Pro-Am genres only. Please note that the dancer entered may only order one T-Shirt, either online or on the order form provided. Should any other commemorative T-Shirts be required by the dancers, spectators or parents, please complete the attached form supplied.
  1. The strict Entry Closing Date for Dancers Entries is Friday, 14 September 2018.


For online registrations and entries into this competition, please visit . Please contact
And visit our user friendly online system on

  1. Exhibitors

Limited Space is available and on a first come first serve basis. If you are interested in exhibiting your products at the event please call Ephraim Dikobe on cell no:

+27 72 263 0839. Sun City terms and conditions apply, in terms of where the stalls will be located. Please complete the attached booking form.

Stalls will be in the Crater room, with only limited number of stalls available for exhibitions. More